Connection to BBMRI activities

BBMRI-LPC project is the first successor of the EU biobanking program BBMRI (operational from 2008 to 2011) which was one of the first research infrastructures built to benefit the biobanking as well as biomedical and biological research in Europe and worldwide. During BBMRI’s operational years, a consortium involving more than 54-members from over 30 countries was achieved. The long term mission of BBMRI is now continued within BBMRI-LPC towards quality improved research operations and further the utilization of biobanked sample collections in Europe.

The legal operational form of BBMRI is BBMRI-ERIC*, with which BBMRI-LPC is closely operating, in order to maximize the benefits of European infrastructure projects and promoting synergies. BBMRI-LPC works together with BBMRI-ERIC to smoothen the process in building up an important European infrastructure for better use of biobanked samples and data. Our vision is that many parts of BBMRI-LPC will eventually integrate in BBMRI-ERIC as essential parts of this European Research Infrastructure Consortium.


A schematic representation of BBMRI related entities and their connections within each other surrounding the BBMRI-LPC project


ERIC (European Research Infrastructure consortium) is a legal entity recognized in all EU Member States designed to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of research infrastructures of Europeans interest.

BBMRI-ERIC (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure-European Research Infrastructure Consortium) is the legal operational form of BBMRI.

BBMRI (BBMRI.EU) was one of the first projects entering the European Research Infrastructure preparatory phase of the ESFRI roadmap funded by the European Commission.

BBMRI-LPC (BBMRI- Large Prospective Cohorts) is a spin-off project of BBMRI which takes the biobanking network within Europe to the next phase.

National hubs/ nodes are operational units established by nations in co-operation with the BBMRI. These national hubs form a distributed research infrastructure within Europe.